Pie Fest 2023 Live Contest Guidelines & Registration

Live Pie Contest Rules

Enter your best 1- or 2- crust pie—sweet, savory, specialty, or vegan*—with special award points for pies featuring the most autumn farmers market products. Pies will be judged by celebrity/community judges and prizes will be awarded.

  • Open to amateur, professional, and junior bakers, who may enter as many pies as desired.
  • Registration required. Sign up at the Market (up until 9am on event day) or at Pie Fest 2023 Registration by Friday, October 20 at 6pm.
  • Filling must be homemade and crusts are strongly encouraged to be homemade. 
  • Bakers must present fresh baked, uncut, 8–10 inch pie between 8:30 am and 9:30am on Saturday, October 21, at the Main PIe Fest tent on 32nd Street near Red Emma’s.
  • Pies must be entered without any additional work required (e.g., no special toppings or sauces).
  • Label the bottom of the pie plate with your name and phone number.
  • Include provided checklist with pie name, ingredients and source, suggested category, and your name.
  • Professional bakers shall also label their pie with “professional.”
  • Pies will be judged and prizes will be awarded. Judging will take place starting at 9:45am and conclude at 11am.
  • Pie slices will be offered to the public for donations at 11am.
  • Pie plates will be available for pick up immediately following the event. The market cannot guarantee return for left items.
  • Pies and photos of pies will become the property of the Great Waverly Pie Contest producers.

Prize Categories:

🥧Best Sweet Pie
🥧Best Savory Pie
🥧Best Specialty Pie
🥧Best Vegan Pie
🥧Most Market Fixins Master
🥧Best Junior Baker
🥧Best in Show (Best Lookin’!)

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