2022 Board of Directors

The 32nd Street Farmers Market Board consists of ten persons: five (5) Community Members and five (5) Market Vendors. They have been Members of the market for at least one year and are elected for one-year terms at the annual meeting in January. Officers of the Corporation include a President, a Vice-President, Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the Board.



Beau Z. Brendt —  A partner at Max’s Degrees (featuring herb and spice blends, available online and at markets in Maryland) since its inception in 2012, Beau served as Vice-President until his election as Executive Director in 2021 (and presently as Head Market Master and Media Designer.) He is a Waverly resident and an active member of Waverly Main Street. [http://maxsdegrees.com] [https://www.linkedin.com/in/beauzbrendt/]



Theresa Carrington — A Market customer for 35 years and vendor for 18, Theresa is owner/operator of You and Me Soaps. She retired as Chief of Medicaid Quality Control at Maryland Department of Health, and grew her part-time business into a full time occupation. She’s been a Better Waverly resident for 35 years and admits to loving the 32nd Street Farmers Market. [theresacarrington@msn.com]

Bernard W. Hudnall Board Vice-President. As manager of First Mariner Bank Building farmers market for three years, a former 32nd Market Board member for ten years, and vendor at various farmers markets for 30+ years, Bernard brings a wealth of experience and love of community to the Board. [naturalaromatics1@verizon.net]

Shane Hughes — Board Treasurer. His nearly-two-decade career as a Certified Public Accountant has contributed to the success at Liberty Delight Farms in Reisterstown, which he created in 2009. He has been an active vendor since 2012, and has been the Treasurer since 2016. [https://www.libertydelightfarms.com]

John McKeown, Jr. —  Both as a grower (owner of Locust Point Flowers in Elkton) and Board member for many years, John is a regular presence at the Market. Among other duties, he has processed the winter market applications for more than a dozen years. [https://localflowers.org/local_flowers_member/locust-point-flowers/]

Joan Norman — Growing up in Govans, Joan’s family came to the market as customers before One Straw Farm became a vendor in 1989. Based in White Hall, the farm grows certified organic vegetables and hemp; the Market has become a major part of the business. Joan has served on the Board in the past. [https://www.onestrawfarm.com]



Amy Langrehr (Ex officio) As an avid home cook, Amy visits the market weekly for fresh, seasonal produce and loves buying from vendors she’s known for many years. She works as a fundraiser and also consults with local small businesses to help them to grow and tell their stories. Amy grew up in a big family in rural Baltimore County and lives in Hampden.

Martha Lucius — Board PresidentA consultant to independent restaurants, she is also an avid gardener. Now a resident of Hampden, she grew up in Africa and Asia, where outdoor markets are the only way food could make it to the table. She’s been coming to the market since 1997, and joined the Board in 2021.

Marc Rey — A long-time Board member and recent past President, Marc assists with management, coordinates the GEDCO/CARES and debit/EBT outreach programs, and has worked with state organizations to help form a Farmers Market Coalition. He was a teacher with Baltimore City Public Schools for 34 years; Marc lives in Tuscany-Canterbury.

John Shields — The chef, author, and chief operating force at Gertrude’s Chesapeake Kitchen at the Baltimore Museum of Art, John has advocated for local farmers and artisan food makers from California to Baltimore, for more than 25 years. He lives in Tuscany–Canterbury.

Susan Walther — Board Secretary. After retiring as a museum program producer and designer in 2010, Susan and her husband moved to Charles Village. She cites the community’s pride in the Market’s longevity, proximity, and year-round availability as key factors in the decision to relocate to Baltimore. She joined the Board in 2021.