Become a Vendor!

Want to be a Guest Vendor at the Market?

Wow! Due to the demand for Guest Vendor spaces this Winter, we have managed to fill up all available slots through May of this year! We will be temporarily closing the application until March/April while we work on the Summer Season applications that are Live until 03/31.

If you are interested in vending anytime from May on, you can apply for the very limited guest spaces that will be available or you can check out one of the new Seasonal rotating spots we are offering for Summer 2024! Details will be available on the website and in the application; stay tuned for updates!


When applications reopen:  If you Make/Grow/Produce* your own wares, you are strongly encouraged to apply for a Guest Spot at the Market!

  • You may request up to five (5) dates per season but can only vend for three (3) total.
  • The cost per Saturday is $50 which includes security fees.
    • We can collect this “day-of” or send you a credit authorization form to prepay.
    • Fees are only refundable with advance warning or in the case of an emergency.
  • You will receive confirmation emails the Friday prior to your scheduled dates.
  • Once the new online calendar starts taking shape, we’ll be able to promote Guests via social media!
*The Market is committed to incubating and supporting local food/wares producers and as such they take precedence when accepting guest vendors.

The link to the online application form can be found here: Guest Vendor Signup Form!

Want to be a Summer 2024 Vendor at the Market?

Applications for the Summer 2024 Season (June 08, 2024 – November 30, 2024), at your favorite Farmers Market, ARE NOW LIVE!!

  • The Summer Market is Producer Only; all applicants MUST Make, Grow, and/or Produce their wares.
  • Guest Vendors are always more than welcome to apply for popup spots (link above) throughout the Season (with a preference for Producers, of course)!