Market Updates 2024

Guest Vendor Space Availability

Wow! Due to the demand for Guest Vendor spaces this Winter, we have managed to fill up all available slots through May of this year! We will be temporarily closing the application until March/April while we work on the Summer Season applications that go live on February 01.

If you are interested in vending anytime from May on, you can apply for the very limited guest spaces that will be available or you can check out one of the new Seasonal rotating spots we are offering for Summer 2024! Details will be available on the website and in the application; stay tuned for updates!

New Website Design for 2024!

Howdy, Folks! In an effort to give back to you all, have full transparency, and present an informative and pleasurable web experience, we are conducting a quick survey here:

2024 Website Usability Survey

We will look forward to and will cherish all your feedback as we continue to evolve as Your Favorite (and Year-Round) Baltimore Farmers Market!

Now As You Were: